I can’t stress enough how important family participation was for me. In small groups we got in touch with feelings of the group and family members.
The workshop on shame and guilt was the most important for me because I have a lot of it still in me and it made me start remembering things. It was all helpful, but I think the warmth and caring of the staff was the most helpful aspect”
I could talk about my feelings and concerns I had and get feedback from group members and the counsellor and be more independent. I feel we were all able to develop trust and openness. It was good that we were encouraged to confront both ourselves and others. The process group gave the opportunity to interact/share with a constant group of peers which promoted openness and intimacy. There were times when the bare truth about myself was exposed. Sometimes it hurt, but it helped. Allowed me to open up and face myself, a lot faster and easier.
Thank you for making me so confortable, safe and cared for, and giving me the courage to go on. Thank you for giving me the tools to get my life back. Pacifica has helped me to finally take my breath of life that has been held for 18 years. I can really breath now. I mostly appreciate the way it has opened my eyes. It has been a long time since I could get close to anyone. This program is the best thing I could have given myself. I’ve gotten a lot of new tools to use on my recovery. I’ve learned so much about myself and have gained so much confidence in myself, where I can now love me. No one can do my recovery for me but ME! Thanks to the staff of Pacifica for getting me on the right path.”
I came to Pacifica Treatment Centre in May 2008. My life changed as soon as I walked through those doors.
I’m so grateful to this place. It gave me back my life.
Staying at Pacifica changed me. I had the love and support of people in my process group and they’ve been a really strong foundation in my recovery. Pacifica gave me the tools to deal with emotional explosions; I’m eternally grateful to the staff.
I always attend the alumni meetings. It’s like seeing your family once a week. The farther I get from my clean date, the more I forget how awful my life was. Seeing the newcomers reminds me of where I was and gives me hope for my future.
I’d heard that Pacifica has a high success rate. My experience there was beyond my expectations. There was an understanding and supportive atmosphere. I got out of it exactly what I needed.
I found a sense of community at Pacifica. I came from a place where I didn’t have a lot of friends or family. The people I went through treatment with are my family now. I’ve kept in close touch with them, even though they’re 18 hours away.
I had no expectations about Pacifica as I’d never been through rehab before. I knew it wasn’t a fancy, five-star place and was grateful for that. The orientation phase was very structured and gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had time to come to terms with the fact that I’d been in denial for 15 years, which allowed me to step into the process phase and really deal with my addictions.
I enjoy attending alumni meetings on Thursdays when I can. It’s a general check-in in a supportive environment. Like many alumni, I feel that Norm Duncan Hall is a sacred place. It’s very liberating to be there to support those who have relapsed and to celebrate with others who have reached a milestone.
Counselling was not a comfortable process. But my counsellor helped me understand that I was playing the role of a victim and self-sabotaging. Accepting how awful this felt was massive. Through Pacifica, I’ve come to realize that I deserve happiness and I’ll be forever grateful to the people I worked with there.