All our recreation and leisure programs have different benefits for the community as a whole in how they prepare Pacifica’s clients for dealing with the realities of addiction and abstinence.

Vision of Recovery

Clients organize their vision of recovery artistically through workshops. They use images to create a collage, that is presented to the group at their graduation.

Poetry and Writing Workshops

Poetry and writing are other ways to access feelings and develop coping skills. Journal writing provides an outlet to deal with the past in a positive manner while allowing the clients to stand back from their own life and view it as a third party might.

Art Therapy

A 1.5 hour weekly workshop is offered by an art therapist. Art therapy allows for creative expression in the Pacifica community. We believe that art can be an easier and more approachable way to express feelings and inner struggles. It is the process of creating the art, reflecting upon it, and having it witnessed by the therapist and group that creates a safe and healing space for the client. Simple art materials are used, and no art experience is necessary. Work is made in a non-judgmental, confidential, and person-centered way and is always treated with respect. Art-making is largely spontaneous and is always in the control of the client (with guidance from the art therapist).

Music Therapy

We have introduced music therapy classes into our weekly routine as another way of accessing emotion, supporting healing and bringing harmony to our inner self.

Daily Exercise/Outings

Small trips offsite allow clients to avoid the anxiety associated with cabin fever that results from being in one environment for a number of weeks. These outings also help clients to begin their transition to the outside world and include swimming, walks, shopping, fitness training, skating, and visits to the library. Daily exercise can also be incorporated in the form of yoga, tai chi, medicine ball, and working out at our local community centre.

Integrated Healing

Pacifica partners with Langara College’s Integrative Energy Healing Program to allow our clients regular access to holistic therapies. Integrated Energy Healing is offered to clients, alumni and volunteers. This program has been a very successful addition to our curriculum with clients reporting decreased anxiety and better sleep patterns as a direct result.


One of the fastest-growing disciplines worldwide, yoga mixes physical and spiritual practices that produce many positive benefits including calmness, increased energy, flexibility and lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons. Other benefits include massaging the bod’s organs, complete detoxification and excellent muscle toning.

Mindfulness Practice

Here at Pacifica we offer Mindulness practice because of all the benefits it provides clients and staff alike. Mindfulness practice cultivates concentration, calmness, clarity of mind, awareness of body sensations and feelings, and self-understanding. It also helps to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation and physical well-being.


We have been integrating grounding, meditation and calming exercises throughout our program, and have made daily morning meditation sessions a part of starting our day. We are developing other meditation sessions that focus on relaxing and energizing elements.