If you (or someone you know) are interested in coming to Pacifica the following information will help you with the process.

As you probably already know, recovery is not an easy journey, and each person has to find their own way through. Some individuals struggle with complex and difficult challenges that they will need to deal with in order to be able to get some solid clean time. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the hope that there are answers that will really work. It’s hard to do the work without hope that it will pay off.

It’s important to remember that Pacifica is just one possible step in the journey to recovery, and without support and guidance and the right timing, it won’t be a magic answer. However, when things are in place and the time is right, we can be a fantastic boost in the right direction.

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Medically and emotionally stable adult men and women (minimum age 19 years) able to fully participate in group and individual therapy. Clients on medications and/or with mental health or eating disorder diagnoses, as well as out-of-town clients or clients recently in corrections will need to be reviewed by our admissions team.

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Clients on social assistance are covered by the Ministry of Social Development. Health authority out-patient counselling may be able to subsidize part of the treatment fee. Private and out of province clients are charged $250/day.

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