Highly Trained and Professional Staff

All of our full-time counsellors have Master’s degrees, providing the best therapy available. Many graduates of various schools of psychology have heard about Pacifica’s reputation and we always have applicants who want to join our team.

Ongoing staff training and research and use of client feedback keeps our program fresh and innovative.

All Pacifica staff and volunteers are bound by our agency’s Policies and Procedures, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Pacifica’s treatment model includes trauma-informed systems and services, which studies say reduce symptoms of mental illness and alcohol and drug use.

Experienced and Creative Volunteers

A fantastic group of volunteers and facilitators provide unique programs to complement therapy sessions, including yoga, mindfulness, integrated energy healing, poetry, art therapy, HIV/AIDS workshop SMART recovery, Looking at Life, Seeking Safety, CA, NA, AA and Alanon.

Innovative and Client-Focused Programming

We are one of the oldest drug and alcohol treatment centres in the Vancouver providing innovative treatment programs.

Pacifica has three levels of programming to suit various client requirements on admission. We support clients in learning what they need to know about addiction, recovery and themselves in order to make the changes they need to succeed with their plans.

Safe, Convenient and Enjoyable Facilities

We offer private rooms to each client. Each client is issued their own key and rooms are locked at all times. This privacy provides a safe, grounded environment that studies have proven to be a key to recovery.

Although we are a co-ed facility, men’s and women’s floors are separate unless temporary circumstances prevail.

Our location, just off Commercial Drive on East 11th Avenue, is convenient to downtown Vancouver and just one block from a major Skytrain hub. Our building is an apartment-style complex set in a lovely treed residential setting. The architecture is Californian in design with a large inner courtyard and plenty of skylights and large windows allowing maximum sunlight .