To promote health and recovery from addiction
through treatment, education and support that strengthens
individuals, families and communities.


Pacifica Treatment Centre is the oldest co-ed, licensed treatment centre in B.C., a testament to our enduring success in drug and alcohol treatment since our inception in 1977. Our California-style building blends peacefully into a park-like, peaceful residential setting, yet is only 1 block from the Broadway & Commercial SkyTrain.

For many individuals, Pacifica’s professional, intensive therapy can mean the difference between long-term recovery success or chronic relapses in their addiction. Unique to treatment centres, we offer clients private rooms for the utmost in safety and privacy. We offer three levels of a comprehensive treatment program to meet the unique needs of individuals and the expanding needs of the system of care. Yet, we remain one of the most affordable residential programs in B.C.

Referrals to Pacifica can be made by alcohol & drug out-patient counsellors, addiction physicians, detox counsellors or EAP counsellors. Your referral agent will inform you about the specific treatment fees that apply to your needs.

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Pacifica has built a strong reputation for high quality service for clients, innovative and effective programming and creative solutions to ongoing challenges.

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It is in the spirit of being responsive to the unique needs of the individual and the expanding needs of the system of care that we offer three levels of a comprehensive treatment program.

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Thank you for making me so comfortable, safe and cared for, and giving me the courage to go on. Thank you for giving me the tools to get my life back. Pacifica has helped me to finally take my breath of life that has been held for 18 years. I can really breath now.


I could talk about my feelings and concerns I had and get feedback from group members and the counsellor and be more independent. I feel we were all able to develop trust and openness. It was good that we were encouraged to confront both ourselves and others. The process group gave the opportunity to interact/share with a constant group of peers which promoted openness and intimacy. There were times when the bare truth about myself was exposed. Sometimes it hurt, but it helped. Allowed me to open up and face myself, a lot faster and easier.
I had no expectations about Pacifica as I’d never been through rehab before. I knew it wasn’t a fancy, five-star place and was grateful for that. The orientation phase was very structured and gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had time to come to terms with the fact that I’d been in denial for 15 years, which allowed me to step into the process phase and really deal with my addictions.
I always attend the alumni meetings. It’s like seeing your family once a week. The farther I get from my clean date, the more I forget how awful my life was. Seeing the newcomers reminds me of where I was and gives me hope for my future.


Staying at Pacifica changed me. I had the love and support of people in my process group and they’ve been a really strong foundation in my recovery. Pacifica gave me the tools to deal with emotional explosions; I’m eternally grateful to the staff.